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Payment Security

Why is Peach Payments mentioned at checkout?

Buildmate uses Peach Payments to process and secure transactions on our website. Peach Payments performs technical services to support the payment process.

Card holder security

No sensitive cardholder data is stored on the Buildmate site at any time for either once-off or account payments.

If you opt to store your card details with Buildmate using Peach Payments, these details are stored by Peach Payments in a PCI DSS level 1 compliant vault. No staff and systems do not have access to complete card number details at any point in time, on Peach Payments platforms.

3D Secure processing

All card transactions are initially processed via 3D-Secure, at least once to validate and make sure that you as the actual card holder, as registered with the issuing bank, are making the transaction. 

This makes sure that your bank notifies to verify a transaction, by sending you a One Time Pin (OTP) when you enter your card details and confirm payment for an order or service.

This 3D Secure process is how your bank (issuing bank, eg. ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank etc) lets buildmate know that you are the owner of the card or account.